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[Several hours later, as the day approaches evening, the Ringmaster will return. Unfortunately, she doesn't sound any more cheerful than before - in fact, she sounds far more flustered and frustrated, though she is trying to conceal it beneath a layer of authority. Her words go very much against what she said before, and she's trying very hard not to acknowledge that.]

Alright, change of plans. [There is the edge of a tired sigh in her voice.] My... ally, has decided that in order to negotiate properly, we all need to stay over at his castle for a few days. Grab anything you'll need for the next little while. We'll be heading out to his realm after supper.


[There's a notable pause of hesitation, and it shows in her voice.]

I must admit... despite our connection, this ally is another Wyld Fae, and he is not a fun character. I am having us stay with him for the sake of diplomacy, but it is very important that we are civil while we stay there. Be kind to our host, and he will be... well, perhaps not kind in return, but he won't be able to hurt you. Those of you more familiar with my kind... I'm sure you understand the importance of playing by our rules.

Don't disappoint me, everyone! I'll be very upset if you do. What I'm trying to accomplish here is very important, you see. In the face of... recent events.

If you have any questions, now is the time. Lambert, Sans, Childermass... I will be contacting you separately.
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[All the radios will light up green as she speaks - yep, it's Ringmaster time. Perhaps not a surprise, when they will probably be at their next stop soon. However, what might be a surprise, is the fact that she sounds uncharacteristically serious.]

I have business today, outside of the carnival grounds. I don't want anyone to come with me, it isn't necessary. There is an ally that I need to negotiate with, and all I need is for you to sit tight for a few hours while I work things out. We'll be off to our next tour location as soon as this is settled.

If you have any problems, contact your supervisor.

[And that's it. Wow.]
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On Day 170, the Ringmaster will announce that she will be leaving the carnival for a visit to an 'ally', and that in the meantime everyone should just stay in the carnival grounds and wait for her to come back. She will shrug it off as being a simple matter, and say that it shouldn't take much time at all, and that it is something for the good of the carnival.

Of course, a few hours later, she will return with another announcement - actually, her... "ally", has "requested" that all of her underlings join her in visiting his castle while they negotiate the terms of a potential agreement. She will insist that it's a diplomatic affair, and that while really all that is required of everyone is to behave themselves and to not provoke the Prince's ire, it's extremely important that they listen to her this time. This announcement will be made by radio.

The evening of Day 170, everyone will be brought to an enormous manor house, apparently suspended in some kind of twilight void. They'll all be randomly assigned rooms in pairs of two (OOC RNG time!) and instructed to arrive for breakfast at 8AM sharp. Follow the schedule, be polite, and everything will be great.

Right? Right.


Heartstone Manor is a spooky looking cross between a castle and a monastery, floating in the middle of realm filled with nothing else but empty twilight. Specifically, it is the home of a High Fae called The Prince - or so the Ringmaster will explain. He's one of the Wyld Fae, like she is, and when he fled from fae civilization eons ago, he hid himself away here to live in solitude as he saw fit. No one and nothing else lives here except for the Prince and his servants, and there is no visible sun - only stages between twilight and darkness.

The Manor itself is a massive stone construction, filled with old fashioned looking architecture and filled to the brim with art. Frescos, statues, and engravings line every hall, ranging from classical to abstract. The subject matter is almost always that of beautiful humanoids - in the form of fae, angels, and the more seductive forms of demons. The servants mostly appear to be traditionally beautiful as well. This seeming obsession with beauty is tied directly to the desires of the Prince himself.

While you are in his home, formal attire is mandatory. He will be gracious enough to provide everyone with appropriate wardrobe - that is, formal wear that could ambiguously fit anywhere from the 1500's to 1800's on Earth.



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Who: Anyone who fits the stipulations below!
When: Day 160 - Day 169
Where: Kerner Island
What: Remember the Spectres? Now's the time to meet them, if that's something you want to do for some reason.
Warnings: Individually marked!


[This is a selective mingle log. Note: characters who are young, have flying dæmons or no dæmons at all, and/or have angelic aspect can come to Kerner. Others will feel the presence of Spectres too keenly to set foot on the island. Ask Joysweeper if you want to see what your characters find or talk to NPCs. ]

Kerner Island is covered in plants and animals not local to the reality, let alone the area. Most noticeably it’s absolutely overgrown with a version of kudzu which produces fuzzy kiwifruits. The vines half-choke trees and splay across buildings, creating deep cover for various animals, including shy, harmless rabbit-deer-rodents sporting tiny antlers. There are a few windows to other worlds scattered about, and during the day a couple dozen children ranging from ten to their mid-teens can be found ducking in and out of them. The oldest of them stays night and day unless persuaded to leave. The biggest concrete danger comes from blue tektites ranged in size from softball-sized juveniles up to beachball-sized adults. The children kill them whenever they can, seeing them more as a nuisance than a real danger - a twelve year old and their dæmon and a big stick can easily defend against several at once.

To children and unsettled teenagers the tektites and any new hostile creatures coming from other worlds are the only danger on Kerner. Teenagers closer to settling will feel a sourceless unease, and their dæmons will see things out of the corners of their eyes. The closer someone is to settling, the more they will be able to perceive Spectres, and the more Spectres will notice, passively leach from their souls, and be drawn to them.

The Spectres are intangible, insubstantial, noiseless, and nearly invisible even to adults. They seem formed out of tenuous things like mist, heat-haze, smoke, light reflecting on water, and have twelve-foot-tall shapes that are usually read as columns, or trees, or humanoids. Adults and settled teens can sense a Spectre’s effect on their soul and and pinpoint it by the feelings of nausea and wrongness. Spectres are mindless, drawn to consume souls in the same way fire is drawn to consume fuel. If they can physically reach a dæmon it only takes a few minutes to consume it; if they can’t they feed passively on the internal soul or the soul’s connection to the body, which takes hours to a day to complete. A Spectre’s passive range is much wider than their physical reach.

Having an adult soul and being anywhere near Kerner is unpleasant. Even a few minutes of passive exposure to Spectres leaves the soul worse off. It's more obvious with dæmons, which go quiet and appear to be in pain, but their bodies, and anyone who still has internal souls, feel it too. Most people experience nausea, disgust, weariness, and mounting despair often coupled with a desire to hide it and pretend nothing’s wrong. Even when safely away effects linger, but creating or building things, or spending time around other people, helps restore the soul.

Different kinds of magic can lure and direct some Spectres out of the way. They can’t be damaged physically or by most magic. Angelic magic has some effect on them directly and might destroy a few, but the Spectres are so thick on the island that staying to fight is just going to result in being overwhelmed. This is not a place of glory, unless you’re a kid.

Day 167 or so

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Does anyone know what will become of our daemons when the Carnival leaves?

[There is a thread of anxiousness in Blue's usually calm tone.]
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Somebody needs to get this fucking bracer off of me.

[His voice is... different. Instead of his usual nearly sing-song nature, there's a sharp edge to it, his words spoken more quickly than usual.]

If you think you can make this thing happen, let me know, because I'm out of ideas over here.

stranger I know so well (open)

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Who: Taako and whoever comes to see him.
When: Days 159-16something. Let's say 162 for now.
Where: Trailer #18.
What: Taako had a realization and has shut down completely, and is hiding away in his trailer. Anyone want to check on him...?
Warnings: Massive spoilers for The Adventure Zone; language, grief, and Taako likely being a huge asshole because he's upset.

isn't my good side worth rescuing? )


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Who: Yuya and Strange
When: later day 161
Where: Greysol and the lake
What: Yuya tries to teach Strange how to swim.
Warnings: Secondhand embarrassment?

Yuya's ready to make an honest effort at swimming lessons with Strange, but first they're going to need something more appropriate than heavy coats and slacks for swimming in, so when Strange reaches out to him, Yuya sets up a meeting at the first swimwear clothing shop he can find--he doesn't look into it much beyond the sign, but there's gotta be something normal in there, right?

His hands are stuffed in his pockets when Strange walks up, Koemi perched on his shoulder. Once he looks up he manages to pull his hand up to wave enthusiastically. "Mr. Strange! Siobhan!"

this is no place, but here I am

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Who: John Childermass & Jonathan Strange
Where: Childermass's trailer
When: day 161
What: Strange got canon updated! as such, he & Childermass are going to actually talk about things for once.
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

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Yes to understand this lie [Closed]

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Who: Foster and Taako
When: Day 158
Where: Trailer 18
What: Taako is having a breakdown. Foster is.... not the right person to be around.
What: TAZ spoilers, language probably

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