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The time has come to decide who is coming up on top in the battle for the ritual component required for the execution and control of the spell intended to take control of the Severing. As voted by the players, this will be decided by dice rolls, modified with bonuses based on the in-game situation and player character support. There's going to be some cause and effect here, so each stage will have to be rolled separately, as how much they win or lose by may effect them in the next conflict.

The dice are going to be rolled publicly on the mod plurk ([plurk.com profile] lostcarnival), and the results will be posted here. This is an organizational post to make sure this information all ends up in the same place, and is publicly accessible to all players. Each team requires two things to successfully take control of the Severing: this ritual component, and a powerful caster with a blood connection to one of the rewritten carnival members, who will be used as a catalyst. The catalyst must be at least half human. Here is a rundown of the current teams:

[closed] i have made mistakes

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Who: Ginko and Foster (and Steven and Greg and Psi)
When: October 18th
Where: Foster’s apartment
What: Foster helps Ginko with his fae flower problem.
Warnings: Mind control, probably talk of attempted kidnapping?? Also like. Eye socket trauma.
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Or, more specifically, Lost Carnival's test drive meme! This is an opportunity to try out your characters in the setting before you apply, or to put together samples for characters you've never played before. There are going to be options for both new arrivals and veteran characters. Before we get started, let's lay down some details:
  • You can (and should) read the full premise here.
  • Reserves are now OPEN, and Applications are currently CLOSED, but will be opening as of August 1st!
  • You can apply as a newcomer or as a "veteran" character who has been in the carnival for up to three years. In the case of veteran characters, you will need to come up with an explanation of why they haven't been around the carnival recently.
  • TDM threads can be used as game canon after the fact if both characters are accepted, the players agree to it, and it makes any sense contextually.
  • If you are interested in additional IC and OOC plot responsibilities, consider applying for a Supervisor position. Head Cook and Treasurer are currently open. Otherwise, we're pretty much down for anything, roles wise.

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Hey all! With Week 3 upon us, and things taking a turn more for the plot-heavy, I thought it might be useful to put up an OOC post for coordinating/touching base to facilitate characters bumping into each other, regaining more memories, etc. Feel free to us this post to sound off about what your character's been up to, if you're looking to play something in particular, and whether they're thinking of joining a faction.

Please put your character names in headers for ease of searching, and here's an optional and totally non-mandatory form, in case you're like me and like having something to put your ducks in a row. Delete whatever sections you feel like you don't need!

⇨ The Tourist Trap: WEEK 3

Jul. 7th, 2017 01:57 pm
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Who: Anyone, anywhere in Portland.
When: October 15st - 22th, 2017
Where: Still in Portland
What: As all sides of the struggle gradually become informed, and the awareness of outsiders begins to spread, Portland faces a critical question - what should be done with them? And who gets to decide?
Warnings: Individually marked!


► WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS: It's fairly common knowledge that October is a special month - Halloween has always been an excitable time in the supernatural community, because its during this month that the magical energies of Earth seem to disproportionately swell in power. This peeks on the 31st, and has every year for as long as anyone can remember. The holiday of Halloween is a byproduct of this, because the magical phenomenon has gone on for ages past. It's also a pretty common time for wizards to attempt bullshit shenanigans, and also when the Severing first came into effect.

► TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: Towards the end of the week, Prudence Jaeger will be asking her angelic contacts for a pretty huge favour - she wants them to help her and some of her associates break into the Circle stronghold that the visiting Council members are staying at. It seems that they have some kind of macguffin item that will be needed to crack the barrier cutting off the Earth from the cosmos - and, to that end, allow the angels and mysterious outsiders to return to wherever they call home.

► THE PATH TO HELL: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Team Heaven isn't the only group to clue into the fact that the Circle has what they need. On the same night that the angels go in, so will Anath's army, as the arch demon finally arrives in the city just in time to join the party. Whether the angels and demons fight each other all the way or cooperate to achieve a mutual goal is up to them.

► WITH GOOD INTENTIONS: The Circle and Torchlight aren't all bad, okay? It's entirely possible that they are just acting in the best interest of humanity - unfortunately, that has resulted in them being pretty massive pricks recently, and now the payback for that is arriving on their doorstep. If you're a member of the Circle, you may or may not realize that anything is coming in time for you to prepare. (That will depend on your threads up to the end of the week.) However, once the fight starts, you'll be charge with defending the Councillors whether you like it or not, and Torchlight is getting pulled in as an unexpected ally to ensure their safety as well. Are you going to heed their call? Or is it time to split from the pack?

► BLOOD OF ICE AND FIRE: It's been made no secret that the Rose Queen isn't the only fae trying to pull back her lost changelings - now the Winter Court appears to be doing it, as well. More than a handful of changelings have gone missing over the last couple weeks, lost to both the thorns and agents of the Count. Whatever they're doing, it's also in competition with each other - Winter and Summer will be biting at each other's heels far more than normal, to the degree that it becomes clear they must have some competing objective in mind. Unfortunately for everyone else, that objective happens to conflict with the desires of just about everyone else. Fae are, by nature, opportunists.

- ✪ -

These are the major conflicts that will be coming to a head towards the end of Week 3. In the meantime, your actions will decide how certain elements are set up, and what the likelihood of success is for each group.

Dice rolling handily won the opinion poll where we asked for the preferred method of conflict resolution, so that will be coming into effect a bit later on to determine who actually wins and loses, with advantages based on the choices made.


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