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Allen's abilities can be pretty pervasive!

  • His cursed left eye can see spirits possessing people or objects, and it can detect evil creatures such as demons or Akuma. Upon being close to you, his eye would come to life and tell him you're some sort of demon-like entity. If he concentrates, he can expand the radius in which it reacts and search the area within 300km or thereabouts. Then, it works like radar, telling him exactly where each demonic entity is and how far away. He's kind of like mission control like that.

  • Allen's Innocence damages and hurts demonic creatures. Touching his left hand to a demon's face, for example, might leave a burn, as sizzling steam rises from the touch.

  • When his arm (his Innocence) transforms into the Sword of Exorcism, slicing or stabbing a person will exorcise any evil entity within them without hurting the body. It may leave a line of cross-shaped scars, though. If you are not possessed by something evil, it will pass through you harmlessly. If you are an evil entity yourself, it will hurt you a lot.

Comment here and lemme know what's up! Or if you're not okay with any of that! I will ask permission before doing any of this anyway, but I like to know what to avoid outright.

Use the code if it helps.

Rin, Kuro, Nosh, and the Hellbats

Date: 2017-05-07 02:13 am (UTC)
blueblaze: (087)
From: [personal profile] blueblaze
Look at that title, it's like some really shitty band.

Demonic or aligned with dark matter somehow? Rin is HALF DEMON specifically the antichrist; Kuro is a demonic cat; Nosh is a perfectly normal pokémon; the hellbats are all pure demons
Does their body house more than one soul? Rin will have two, one in his body and one in his sword, but they are intimately connected and seem to be the "same" despite being separate; Kuro only has one, but there seems to be a remnant of the cat's soul whose body he possessed a century ago; Nosh has ONE CUTE LITTLE BUG SOUL; the Hellbats have individual little demonic souls
Opt out of injury from Allen's Innocence? I'M GOOD WITH IT but please ask before hurting Rin, Kuro, or any of the bats
Opt out of his cursed eye seeing your bizz? NAH

Axel and Yolky!

Date: 2017-05-07 02:22 am (UTC)
small_reservations: (unsure...)
From: [personal profile] small_reservations
Demonic or aligned with dark matter somehow? He's kinda made of something analogous to dark matter. So yes. Yolky, on the other hand, is a telepathic giant cell. He's sweet and won't feel villainous at all!
Does their body house more than one soul? Technically his body houses NO souls. There's one watching over him though. Yolky is just a normal solosis. Might have like. A forked soul when he evolves?
Opt out of injury from Allen's Innocence? It's fine, but talk to me before doing anything!
Opt out of his cursed eye seeing your bizz? NEVAR OPTING OUT.


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