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Name: Nico
Contact: [plurk.com profile] NicoNicola
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Allen Walker
Age: 16
Species: Human
Canon: D.Gray-man
Canon Point: chapter 212 -- hiding out from the Order; just after Kanda and Johnny find him, he runs off and collapses under a bridge.
Character Info: here
Personality: Allen Walker began his life as an orphan in a traveling circus, where a clown by the name of Mana adopted him. His new father became his role model, the only person in the world, and so Allen adopted that clown’s mannerisms. Allen is nearly always wearing that Mana mask--a mask of soft-spoken politesse. When angry, he grins through his teeth, and one might think he’s a shark about to take a very polite chunk out of them. He has a temper on him, and when it explodes, the bratty side of him erupts. Despite how kind and polite he his, Allen is still a teenager, and his immaturity shows. He naively wants to save everyone in front of him--but it is only those in front of him that he tries to save. “I’m a small man,” he once said. “I can only save the people right before my eyes.” He only saves people because he doesn't want to see more bad things happen, or he doesn't want to lose his friends. Selfish, selfish--and he knows it. He’s the type to cry when he isn’t able to save one little girl, but then not spend much thought on another person’s war in a country he’s never been. Of course, this means he doesn’t think much about the future; if he can give his life to save someone today, it doesn’t matter if he could have saved someone tomorrow. He hasn’t met them yet. Allen has a hero complex with a tendency toward martyrdom; he’d rather die to save his friends than live to see them die. He realizes this is incredibly selfish, but he doesn’t do much to change his recklessness in battle. The only thing that has ever swayed him was his friend, Lenalee, in tears as she yelled at him to stop being so careless with his life. Despite his recklessness, he once had a clear image of the future: Allen promised Mana that he would become an Exorcist. He walked that path because he chose to. Even now, as he is wanted by the Black Order, he calls himself an Exorcist. No matter what he goes through or what the big shots say, no one can take that away from him. Still, he's a survivor, and if he needs something done--or money gained--he will manipulate people with charm and sleight-of-hand. He's scammed endless people to pay off his Master's debts, and he's wooed a robot into sacrificing itself. If it won't get someone killed, and it needs to get done, Allen is a manipulative bastard under that polite mask.
Among friends, Allen is kind and determined. He is the type to never let go, never give up. Once someone gets to know him, his polite mask begins to slip, and some of his polite language falls away. He teases his friends and prods at short tempers, such as Kanda Yuu’s. If Allen doesn’t get along with someone, and they are either friends or he hates them, he is not going to pretend. The Mana mask falls away completely.
Crown Clown
Innocence is a divine weapon used by Exorcists to destroy Akuma, dark creatures inhabited by the souls of the dead. Allen’s Innocence is named Crown Clown, and it is a parasitic type. This means that rather than needing to form the raw holy power that is Innocence into an object or weapon, Allen is the weapon. He is the host to his Innocence. This raw power within him makes his potential strength higher than most Exorcists, because he can completely synchronize with it. But at the same time, this shortens his lifespan considerably. This is why he is such a big eater--Allen must constantly eat in order to have the energy that Crown Clown eats from him. It is his left arm, which is black and hard as a carapace. There is another upside, though: Akuma blood, a poison that turns normal human bodies to ash, doesn’t affect him. His Innocence exorcises the poison.
Crown Clown’s abilities are as following:

  • Basics. When invoked, it appears as a pure white hooded cowl with fur trim. A silver and blue masquerade mask is always affixed to his hood. The cowl extends into two sleeves, the left of which reveal nearly the entirety of his arm, which becomes sleek and black with long clawed fingers.

  • Sentience. If Allen is unconscious, Crown Clown may act on its own to defend him and fight back. In one case, it attached its belts to his arms and moved Allen’s broken body around like a puppet. Crown Clown will force Allen to fight the Akuma no matter how destroyed his body is. It also may act on its own to dodge an attack Allen didn’t see coming.

  • Clown Belt. White strands emerge from Crown Clown’s cowl and shoot out to wrap around objects or harden into spikes and impale enemies. It can grab objects or enemies and pull Allen toward it or throw it away. It can also strangle or tie up enemies, or many belts may shoot out to hang Allen in midair.

  • Cross Grave. With a single claw of his left hand, Allen strikes a cross through an enemy, annihilating a Level 3 Akuma with a single stroke. If drawn in the air, it can be used defensively to create a shield.
    (For reference, the strongest known Akuma level is 5. A Level 3 is one level above average.)

  • Crown Edge. A barrage of small, crown-shaped rings shoot from the clawed fingers of Allen’s left hand as projectiles.

  • Edge End. Allen swipes his claw into an enemy with all his raw, destructive power.

  • Sword of Exorcism. By gripping his left wrist, Allen can pull a sword out of his arm. Well, his arm becomes a sword. It exorcises evil from any vessel it inhabits, and it harmlessly passes through anyone who does not possess true evil. (Such as a Noah or a demon.) When used against Level 1 to Level 3 Akuma, it destroys them the same as Cross Grave would have. It leaves a residual glowing crest of crosses wherever it slices a vessel. He can only summon the sword when his Innocence synchronization surpasses 100%. Should Allen drop the sword, he can summon it to him a la Star Wars.

  • Death Orbs. Allen can use his Sword of Exorcism to summon a dozen to twenty dark orbs of destruction, which then proceed to explode in quick succession. The resulting explosion is centralized to the area--no larger than a city block, and it would only damage the walls rather than completely destroy buildings. This technique heavily exhausts Allen, so he doesn’t do it much.

Healing Capabilities

  • Allen’s Innocence fills any life-threatening wound like plaster, allowing the injury to heal naturally without bleeding out. This has happened on two major incidents: one, a creature ate a hole in Allen’s heart, and his Innocence filled the hole so he wouldn’t bleed out; two, Kanda stabbed his Innocence-sword into Allen’s stomach, and Allen’s Innocence began to actually heal it from the inside. After a long while with no medical treatment, tendrils of twitching pure white feathers were sticking out of the wound.
    At the time of Allen’s joining the Circus, his stomach wound is in that exact state. Eventually, it will heal, but until then, it is excruciating.

Cursed Eye

  • Whenever Akuma are within a 350 meter radius, Allen’s left eye activates. The sclera turns pitch black, and a bright red inverted pentagram appears inside his pupil. Two gray gears, the larger of which has a red lens, hover before his eye. Through this cursed eye, Allen can see the souls of the Akuma. The world through Allen’s cursed eye is black and white, when activated.
    In the Carnival, it may activate for demonic or ghostly characters if the player would like to play with it.

The Smaller Things

  • Big Eater. Due to the parasitic state of his Innocence, Allen can--and must--eat whole mountains of food. At every meal, he orders everything on the menu and five of every dessert. The kid can eat comedically quickly, too. If he’s gone off to sulk, there may just be a trail of wrappers you can follow to find him.

  • Above average strength. Allen can do ridiculous physical feats, such as doing push ups on one finger balanced on the back of a chair that is balancing on one foot. Shounen protags, man. His left arm is the strongest--he has cracked doors by slamming them, and he punched a hole in a stone wall with his left fist. His acrobatics and agility aren't anything to sniff at, either.

  • Excellent hand-to-hand combat and amateur swordsmanship. Allen spars with fellow fully trained Exorcists and holds his own, and he can wield a sword one-handed well enough to not die for a few hundred chapters.

  • Near-night vision. Due to Spartan-like training with Cross Marian, Allen can see extremely well in the dark.

Soul Colours: watercolor purple (for Allen) and blood red (for Nea, the Fourteenth)
Ideal Jobs: Acrobat, Clown
Relevant Experience: Allen was in the circus for years as a child. He worked as a clown, and his best trick is acrobatics. He is seen balancing one foot on a ball while juggling, as well as flipping over into a one-handed handstand on said ball. Combined with the subtle sleight-of-hand agility his left hand possesses in card tricks and cheating at poker, he makes for a great performance. He worked with trained animals, too, but due to getting stuck in a lion’s cage, he’s terrified of them. At the time Allen finds his way to the Carnival, he was working as a clown street performer, juggling while balancing on a giant ball.
Reason for Joining: After running from both friend and foe, Allen Walker stumbles under a bridge, fighting the Noah within him. He doesn’t want to lose to the Fourteenth, to lose himself. Allen would essentially fall asleep, and a murderer would wake with his body. His identity would be erased. Not only does he keep putting people in danger by fighting and running, but now his friends have come to drag him back. Putting his friends in danger, all for his sake… He won’t allow it. Desperately stumbling away, he falls to the wall and slips through it, landing just in the Carnival. The Ringleader finds him, and they make a pact. As long as Allen works at the Carnival, the Fourteenth will not take him, not completely. Allen Walker will remain himself. There may, however, be some wiggle room for the Fourteenth to take some control every now and then.

As a note, he will be arriving with his golem, Timcanpy. It is of low intelligence and does not speak, but it is an enchanted machine that can record video and audio, and it has the ability to eat, though it's a mystery where it all goes... It basically works as a familiar, and its personality basically boils down to: bratty little brother that bites Allen when irritated, which is often. For more information, go here. (I wasn't sure where to put this note.)


Lavi and Allen in the TDM


I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’mfineI’mfineI’mfineI’mf--

Allen’s eyes shoot open. His back is cool against the pavement, and the sky is dark and endless. He feels as though he just woke from a nightmare, but . . . no. The Fourteenth was fighting for control, and Allen had nearly passed out. If he slept, he would not be waking as Allen Walker. Then . . .

Ah. That’s right, Allen thinks to himself. I signed a shady contract with a very tall and scary woman.

Not his greatest idea, but he was in a pinch. Now he will have the time to get to know the squatter in his head, so he can better understand them both better. Only then can he help them both. He will not lose himself.

The first step would be removing his back from the ground. Allen rolls over on his side with great effort and pushes himself up on one arm. His gloved hand knocks something aside--a strange, small box. Grimacing with the caution of a twice-burnt cat, Allen gingerly picks it up.

“This better not be one of the Science Division’s contraptions . . .”

Wary fiddling becomes cautious, turns determined, then frustrated. He has no idea what it is, but his name is printed on the back of it, in cheap label-making black font. Irritated, he slips it in his coat pocket and picks himself up.

He chose to hide away in this strange circus. He may as well get to know it. And as always--stomach gurgling--he starts with food. Dressed like a vagabond that’s been part-timing as a clown on the side of the road, Allen wanders about the circus and promptly gets himself lost. As always. This time, he doesn’t mind. He follows his nose, and after marching straight through the gaming circle and its many scam artists, Allen finds the cookhouse.

Anyone who enters will find a famished boy with a mountain of food piled comedically high. There are sweets and meats and potatoes and whole roast chickens that rise halfway to the ceiling. The mountain is taller than the boy. He grips a fork in one fist and a knife in another, and there is an animal glint in his eye.

He begins to feast at a speed that should be completely inhuman. Chicken and pork and strawberry filling go flying as he devours the mountain. An entire ham is halfway stuffed in his mouth when he glances up and notices you.

With his mouth stuffed and eyes curiously wide, he says, “Hi.” Except it sounds more like phi.


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